Thanks, Mom

November 29, 2012 


This Thanksgiving is my last Thanksgiving at home before I go off to college so my mom tried her hardest to make it leave a lasting memory. She invited both sides of the family; 20 people were gathered around to share a holiday meal.

Our family tradition is to go around the table and say what we're thankful for. At first I didn't know what to be thankful for -- being an athlete, maybe just the fact that I would be going off to college? As everyone went around and shared that they were thankful for jobs, family and travels, I realized what I was truly thankful for.

I was thankful for the one person who was truly my rock. She supported me through sports and injuries and put up with leaving town to talk to coaches. My mom does so much for me but in return asks for nothing back.

Yes, I was thankful for things I have and life, but when it got to me I saw a little smirk on my mom's face when she was mentioned. That was all I wanted her to know, how much she is appreciated, though at times we forget to show it.

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