Giving hearts

November 29, 2012 


As the Herald so aptly stated in Monday's editorial giving a "thumbs up" to all who give: "We're constantly amazed by the giving nature of our community," I, too, am amazed by the giving and gifting heart of the Tri-Cities.

It is by this giving and contributions that the Raise Your Tents winter campout for homeless awareness, held Nov. 8-10 at John Dam Plaza, raised more than $25,000 in four years. The cash donations and hundreds of pounds of food and warm clothes that were collected for the Union Gospel Mission will help ongoing efforts in support of the homeless in our area.

But let me be clear. This letter is not about one individual or group. It's about the giving of a community to those who are less fortunate than we are. It's about raising awareness and understanding in our cities and towns that there are those who need help. It's that giving spirit of those who are willing to lend a hand to help others that makes the Tri-Cities the No. 1 place in the Northwest to live.

It is by the weight and measure of what we do as a civilized society that will equal the sum of who and what we are.

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