Enough blame game

November 28, 2012 

JIM DAVISON, Waitsburg

Most items suggested so far to avoid the fiscal cliff -- for cutting spending or increasing revenue -- will only have a small impact. Using the standard of "how many days of federal government operation will it cover," none of them, separately, has been shown to be good for more than a few days, weeks or months at best.

I, like many other voters and taxpayers, am tired of the political gridlock caused by inflexible party rhetoric. It's taken several presidential terms, numerous congressional terms and majorities held by both major parties to dig the hole in which we find ourselves. It's time to stop with the blame game and work toward sustainable solutions for our country's continued well-being and survival.

Everything must be on the table--even Social Security, Medicare and the entire tax code. Kicking the can has been detrimental. All citizens will be affected by the solutions reached. That is only right, since it is, after all, our country that has been led by those we have elected.

Urge those elected to lead and serve you to be problem-solvers rather than part of the problem.

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