Court roundup: Pasco man sentenced to more than 3 years for shooting at woman in another car

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldNovember 26, 2012 

A Pasco man will do more than three years in prison for shooting at a woman in another car who was trying to help him find a house.

Jesus Guillermo Salas-Rubio, 25, was sentenced in Franklin County Superior Court for his earlier guilty plea to second-degree assault.

He originally was charged with first-degree assault with a gun. Prosecutors suggested in court documents that they were forced to reduce it since, "Certain witnesses are uncooperative or unavailable, making it difficult to prove the original charge beyond a reasonable doubt."

The shooting happened April 26 near Wehe Avenue and Lewis Street in Pasco.

According to court documents, Tricia K. Coronado was at a friend's house when a man known as "Memo" showed up. During the visit, he reportedly showed her a pistol, and later received a call asking him to pick up a friend at "Larry's house," documents said.

Coronado told police that Salas-Rubio didn't know where that was, so she offered to take him there. She drove her own car while Salas-Rubio rode as a passenger in a gray Ford Taurus with another person.

The victim later reported that she didn't have a good feeling about it, so she asked a friend to go along with her.

At some point, the Taurus stopped on Wehe Avenue near Whittier Elementary School and Coronado pulled up along the passenger side.

That's when Salas-Rubio rolled down the Taurus' window and pointed a pistol at the victim.

Coronado said she ducked and sped off as Salas-Rubio shot at her. Her car was struck by at least one bullet that shattered the back window, documents said.

Salas-Rubio wrote in his plea statement, "I was not acting in self-defense when I shot at her, and was armed with a deadly weapon."

He later was identified as Salas-Rubio by the victim, who picked him out in a photo lineup for police. Officers said Memo is a Spanish nickname for Guillermo, which is Salas-Rubio's middle name.

Salas-Rubio was arrested May 7.

As a result of his sentencing, he was ordered to have no contact with victim, now 43, or her passenger for 10 years.

The three-year, five-month sentence includes a mandatory 12-month term for using a deadly weapon in the crime.

Salas-Rubio's criminal history includes convictions for second-degree robbery, second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance.

Court documents note that Salas-Rubio won't face deportation consequences with his guilty plea because he became a U.S. citizen in 1998.

Man allegedly punches cops, faces trial Jan. 16

A Kennewick man faces trial Jan. 16 on allegations he punched two Pasco police officers in the face.

Angel Rey Beltran, 26, pleaded innocent to two counts of third-degree assault for the Nov. 13 incident.

He was arrested in the early morning hours after police responded to the Loyalty Inn for a possible domestic violence situation outside room 256, court documents said.

Officer Michelle Goenen arrived at 1800 W. Lewis St. to find the man, later identified as Beltran, with a huge bulge in his left front pocket, documents said. She reportedly told him to stop as he tried to walk away.

Officer Josh Madsen then grabbed Beltran and walking him to the wall when Beltran punched Madsen in the face and began swinging at Goenen, court documents said.

Goenen was hit in the nose.

As officers got Beltran down on the ground to arrest him, a clear pipe with a brown and white residue fell out of his pocket, documents said.

Beltran's bail was set at $50,000.

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