It's not too late, yet

November 26, 2012 


We all witnessed a recent election. Some think there was a winner. I don't think we voted for Obama as much as against Romney. Most understand that we don't want to go back to the same old crooked fat white guys who have been ripping us all off for years. Actually I think we are all winners because this is the process to fix our country. I hope we figure this out before this guy takes us to the point of no return. I believe by now everybody can see that both parties are greedy, hardheaded and they are both unwilling to give and take and are willing to cause unlimited damage to this country just to keep their personal power. This division is causing such a polarization to our country. Remember how that ended in the middle of the 18th century.

The Tea Party is a threat to both of them because they are the new kids on the block and are unafraid to get in their faces and speak up. I feel the Tea Party threatens the entire power structure -- that power structure, the status quo, is more important than the emotional, spiritual and financial health of our country.

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