Pro public schools

November 26, 2012 

AARON GREENE, Kennewick/Las Vegas

Recently a writer suggested all parents should teach their child and we should shut down public schools (Letters, Nov. 18).

1. In a society where a person is moving to a nine-hour workday, where do parents have time for this? Or what about military folks like me who tend to work nine-12 hours a day five to seven times a week.

2. Public schools are good for exposing youth to different cultures and people from different backgrounds. One goal of the school district is to give every child an unbiased and balanced education, for instance, in government class.

3. I would not be as ignorant to say that all home schooled kids have social disadvantages, but I would say home schooled kids may be at a disadvantage because many of them would interface with less kids from their age group.

To conclude, public schools provide a great use to its society members and society as a whole.

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