Advice of GOP

November 25, 2012 

BEN JUDKINS, Kennewick

It has been two weeks since the election, and I still feel pretty good, being that I am a liberal. The Republican Party needs a drastic makeover or it will fade into obscurity. I think there are many factors as to why Republicans took a beating. I'll give a little advice because I think a healthy opposition is a good thing in a Democracy.

w Republicans need to stop being so anti-woman and making stupid rape remarks.

w Republicans need to learn how to compromise and meet the Democrats half way.

w Republicans need to stop being so anti-gay. Let people make their choices and actually be the party of individual rights.

w Respect science. Climate change is happening and the Earth is 4 billion years old. By all means keep your religious views but don't put a man who says evolution is a lie from the pits of hell on the science committee.

w Stop being so anti-Hispanic. They happen to be people, and they vote.

If the Republicans don't change they won't win at the national level or in the state of Washington. The United States is changing whether you like it or not.

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