Thanksgiving favorites — Americans style

November 23, 2012 

Thursday was Thanksgiving for those of us in the Unites States. Family, friends, food and football are staples of the day.

But most of the Tri-City Americans players are Canadian, or are from Europe, making Thanksgiving just another day for them to enjoy a great home cooked meal with their billets. For the players, who have been here more than a year, they have come to expect the tasty pies, the plump turkey and mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy. For some reason, football is not high on their list. Having to watch the Jets get pounded by New England doesn't help sell the sport.

Friday, rookie D-man Clint Filbrandt tweeted that he didn't get the whole Black Friday thing. I told him on this day, men drive the car, drop the gals off at the door, THEN find a place to park. Then, they are nothing more that bag holders. who will again get the car and meet the gals at the door. And if they are really special, they even get to PAY for the purchases. He will learn this in time. For now, it might be good that he doesn't understand.

I checked in with the players to find out what their favorite part of Thanksgiving Day is. Some were the same. Brian Williams had a different take than his teammates.

Eric Comrie — Spending time with family (his parents Bill and Roxanne and brother Ty were here for the holiday).

Luke Lee-Knight — Food. Pumpkin pie — hold the whipped cream, but add the vanilla ice cream

Wil Tomchuk — Food. Turkey — the dark meat.

Drydn Dow — Food. Turkey with gravy and stuffing.

Justin Hamonic — Food. Please pass the stuffing.

Michal Plutnar — Food. Turkey — the white meat.

Lucas Nickles — Good home cooked meal. He likes is all, especially turkey (white meat, please).

Zach Yuen — Turkey — the white meat.

Tyson Dallman — Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Malte Strömwall — Football. The Dallas Cowboys are his favorite team.

Beau McCue — I was looking for the Montana man to give football a little more love, but alas he's not much of a fan. His choice: Hanging out with friends and teammates.

Ryan Chynoweth — Food. Dark turkey meat with potatoes and gravy.

Lukas Walter — Pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. I wouldn't advise stealing his pie, the man packs a mean punch.

Justin Feser — The grub (his words). He takes the dark turkey meat and mixes it with potatoes and gravy.

Justin Gutierrez — Food. Mashed potatoes and gravy.

Mitch Topping — Food. Another big fan of stuffing.

Brian Williams — It's one day closer to Christmas (I like how he thinks).

Connor Rankin — Food. More stuffing (don't they realize they are eating wet bread).

Phil Tot — Another stuffing lover.

Jesse Mychan — Food. Turkey — the white meat with gravy.

Clint Filbrandt — Food. Cheese perogies.

Parker Bowls —Food and family. He's fond of Granny Claire's turkey.

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