Moved to speak

November 23, 2012 


Tonight I cry with despair and with love for all the people of this region who have so many walls and so few bridges to peace. I am amazed and encouraged by their messages of hope, and I profoundly admire the Palestinians we have met on this pilgrimage.

But I do cry. Where can I publicly share what I have experienced during my visit to the West Bank and outside the walls surrounding it? I feel I am morally required to share the messages of hope and peace of these people. My heart is breaking.

The issues of the people -- babies, children, young adults, adults, guides, leaders, my friends -- must be seen, heard and respected.

Prayers, pilgrimage, project.

Prayers without ceasing. Pilgrimage when possible. Project -- I must share their messages. Please listen. We must hear the truth. I will share their stories and the stories of my experiences. The truth of this region must be heard. We can all do things that bring hope and peace for all our brothers and sisters. We are called. Please listen and respond in love.

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