Quarterfinals full of fun

November 23, 2012 

It's always weird to transition to the weekend shift. You get a nice four-day weekend in that shift change since your new weekend merges with the actual weekend, but then you have six weeks of working Saturdays and Sundays before restoring balance to the world by working 10 days in a row before getting your weekends back.

Last Saturday started with a hint of dread as I looked at the forecast for my high school football doubleheader, but despite the reasonably high chance of rain, the weather worked out great. Still, I was a bit nervous, not having shot much football this season and suddenly being plunged into the playoff quarterfinals.

Looking to manage my hours in this overtime-phobic work climate, I showed up late to River View's matchup against Quincy and was happy to see a pair of eggs on the scoreboard. It's always a danger to show up late to games in case of a blowout. Garbage time applies to shooting the sport as well.

As it happened, River View punched in a score soon after I arrived, capitalized on a bad long snap by Quincy on a punt attempt to get a defensive touchdown and played some great defense to round out the game. Sophomore quarterback Ruvim Tyutyunnik even busted out a little Russian dance in celebration of the first semifinal berth in school history.

You can see my whole take from the Panthers' 14-0 win here.

That was followed by a hotly anticipated matchup between Othello and Prosser. That was an entertaining game full of fourth-down attempts between the rivals with an unfortunate injury in the second quarter to Othello star quarterback David Garza. The Mustangs would seize momentum and gut out a 15-14 win for the 10,000th semifinal berth in school history.

If you love high school football photos more than concise photo editing, check out my gallery from the game.

Otherwise, here's my combined edit from both games:

I really couldn't have asked for a better Saturday to kick off this weekend shift. As usual, I don't feel like my photos do the games justice, and my trigger-happy nerves left me with nearly 1,800 photos to edit. Here's hoping this was a good warmup for the triple-header I'll face on Saturday.

No links this week...

Since I'm off until BtF publishing time and writing this on Sunday. Instead, I'll tack on a mini blog from the real start of this weekend shift. After snapping a gallery of the horses from the Carousel of Dreams on Wednesday, I covered the groundbreaking. I was asked to produce a video from the event, so that's where the majority of my time was spent.

This left my still photos lacking. Ground breakings are hard to cover and having shot people looking at horses the day before took away that go-to:

and for the first time that I can remember, I turned in the cliché golden shovel photo:

A bomb hoax at the Benton County Justice Center bumped it from print, though, and I figured the video would languish with minimal views. We did put our online video logo in the story and it ended up with a respectable 153 views as of Sunday. It's sad that 153 views is considered respectable when compared to some other recent offerings, but there you go. I actually embedded the video in the story this time, which I'm guessing helped boost the numbers.

As for the video, I think it turned out OK considering what I had to work with. My approach was to include some of the event's ambiance while sharing a couple jokes from the speakers, which almost never get used for anything in the media. Let me know what you think:

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.


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