Unexpected compassion

November 22, 2012 


My daughter Caitlin has myotonic muscular dystropy and had surgery on her foot on Nov. 8. Her mother and I had a lot of prep work for this, and times were very stressful. We had to get a ramp built for our home and plan for which one of us would be able to take time off work and so on.

As time got closer, we realized we were not as prepared as we thought we were.

I asked our landlord, James Fishback, for help with a ramp and his reply was, "When do you have to have it in place?" Thanks, James, we are forever grateful.

Secondly, I must thank Dr. Faustin R. Stevens and his staff at Tri-City Orthopaedics for taking on a procedure that others were not comfortable doing. Thank you!

And finally, we must thank all the staff at Kennewick General Hospital, from pre-op to the surgery team, and the nurses. Thank you all for making this trying time for our family the best that it could given the stress that we were under. Thank you all for your compassion.

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