Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Nov 21, 2012

November 21, 2012 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

NGUYEN -- Elisa and Tuan, Pasco, girl, Nov. 14.

VELASQUEZ -- Iliana, Pasco, girl, Nov. 14.

MARTIN -- Melissa and Anthony Bertsch, Richland, boy, Nov. 14.

MACDONNELL -- Angeleah and Gregory, Richland, boy, Nov. 14.

ALLEN -- Katie and Brock, West Richland, girl, Nov. 15.

DAVIE -- Jessica and Daryl Downing, Pasco, boy, Nov. 15.

WILLIAMS -- Amanda, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 15.

BRAMHALL -- Jennifer and Steve, Burbank, boy, Nov. 15.

BAILEY -- Kerri and Jason, West Richland, girl, Nov. 15.

GRIFFIN -- Sierra and David, Pasco, boy, Nov. 15.

ANDUJO -- Erendira and Marcos, Prosser, boy, Nov. 17.

BARTELLS -- Blair, Pasco, boy, Nov. 17.

POORMAN -- Kaylyn and David Kent, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 17.

LERMA -- Rachel and Damien King, Richland, girl, Nov. 17.

RODRIGUEZ -- Magdalena and Andy Arnold, Mattawa, boy, Nov. 17.

JOHNSON -- Amy and Kyle, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 18.

VALENCIA -- Gaby and Juan Valencia, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 19.

CASELLA -- Amanda and Andy, Richland, boy, Nov. 19.

Kennewick General Hospital

HUNTER -- Tuesdae and Kevin, Benton City, boy, Nov. 19.

CUEVAS -- Karla and Cristian Estrada, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 17.

NEUHART -- Jacquelyn and Seth Uptain, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 19.

MEDINA -- Hermila and Damian Severiano, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 17.

BELL -- Griselda and Joshua, Pasco, boy, Nov. 19.

MARSHALL -- Nichole and Daniel Tillman, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 17.

VELOZ -- Maria and Noel Maquez, Pasco, girl, Nov. 18.

GORDON -- Natasha and Pete, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 18.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

RODRIGUEZ -- Tiffany and Javier, Hermiston, twins, boy and girl, Nov. 17.

ARDEN -- Melissa and Christian Peterson, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 18.

STULL -- Serenity and Matthew, Hermiston, boy, Nov. 15.

RIETMANN -- Becky and Edmund, Ione, girl, Nov. 16.

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