Open spaces

November 21, 2012 


I'll start this by saying my English teacher would probably want me working on my process paper right now instead of writing a letter to the editor. However, something occurred to me as I was out on a walk to clear my mind: The Tri-Cities are losing their identity by encroaching on a beautiful shrub-steppe environment.

As houses go up, native plants and species are literally being uprooted to make way. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the development and construction of homes in our community, and I am far from any sort of environmental activist. But at what point are we going to say, "Enough is enough?" Sure, the dust can be annoying every time the wind picks up, and the sage can be unbearable every time spring rolls around. But that's the Tri-Cities. It's a massive part of what makes us unique.

I would hate to return one day when I'm older and visit the rugged places my friends and I used to hang around only to find another golf course or a new neighborhood. Can we, the people of this city not agree with one another to protect a little bit of our own natural land?

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