Can't vote GOP

November 20, 2012 


ccccI just read the article on the front page of the Nov. 17 Tri-City Herald about the GOP was lamenting its loss in Washington.

As a Democratic, I would like to say I would've voted for gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna if it were not for the Republican Party itself. If McKenna had any other letter after his name, other than an R, he would've gotten my vote.

But I just could not vote for anyone who aligned themselves with a group of white men who are, as the article stated, too white, too old, too religious, too male and too out of touch with what America is now.

America is a mix of all kinds -- women and men, black, brown and white, young and old, homosexuals and heterosexuals (yes, Virginia, we have homosexuals in this country).

I could not vote for anyone who aligned themselves with a party that supported a candidate who used the words "legitimate rape," or supported a man who thought that 47 percent of us were moochers.

The Republican Party will need to embrace the changes it sees in the West, and if it doesn't the GOP will not win another race.

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