Bowling with the Ams 2012

November 19, 2012 

The annual Bowling with the Americans event was Sunday at Spare Time Lanes in Kennewick. I'm never sure how much fun the players have, but the fans like to interact with the players.

Brian Williams was kicking back all day, while Marcus Messier and Eric Comrie had a side bet on their game. Eric now owes Marcus lunch after he beat Eric 142-82. Comrie is much better at stopping pucks than he is keeping a bowling ball on the lanes.

After three games, the champions were crowned.

Tyson Dallman had the high series with a 462, while Marcus Messier had a 447 and Michal Plutnar a 430.

Justin Hamonic had the high school in Game 1 with a 161, while Justin Feser had a 169 in Game 2 and Messier a 171 in Game 3.

For the fans, my hubby Scott had the high single-game score with a 217 and a high series of 633.

In the end, captain Justin Feser had to address the fans. In his fifth year with the team, he's still a bit uneasy when it comes to public speaking.

Here are a few photos from the day. I will add more when I have access to photoshop at the office.

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