Lousy mess

November 19, 2012 

LARRY WHEAT, Kennewick

After quite a bit of family tree researching, I finally was able to figure out my ancestry. Come to find out, I have a lot of different branches leading to where I am today. I'm sure there were some branches that could lead one to believe that I am not a pedigreed white boy.

In light of these findings, I have decided that I am a mutt-American and I want some of that government money.

Maybe we could start a movement, since only one group of people in this country is really "American." But we've already stolen everything from them, so I guess all that's left is the government. Hey, why shouldn't I have access to this largess? I'm a veteran who can't get VA medical benefits, a small-business owner who is about to get trounced with more taxes, and I have a loser president who says it wasn't me who created my business. I'm 60 and have been working since I was 14. What a lousy mess.

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