November 19, 2012 

R. ROGERS, Kennewick

Recently, a local TV news station reported the Pasco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offered a survey in Spanish only. The results of that survey stated 70 percent of the participants said they felt they had been victims of discrimination.

The good people of this community offer up free coats, shoes, school supplies, food, school lunches, low-income housing and more. Very seldom do I see a news story thanking these good people for their compassionate efforts toward those less fortunate.

I feel if a person of any ethnicity wants to cry discrimination, perhaps they shouldn't single themselves out. Case in point, why have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? Why not the Franklin and Benton Counties Chamber of Commerce? If some Tri-City businesses started the Caucasian Chamber of Commerce, there is a high probability they would be sued before the doors even opened.

It's time to wake up, America, and all play by the same rules.

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