Two incidents

November 19, 2012 


Four people were brutally slaughtered in a location surrounded by violent people and terrorists. All they wanted was protection but that protection never came. I'm referring to protection they asked for and didn't receive, both before and at the time of the attack. Guess who's responsible for that protection. He can't blame that one on George Bush.

Four dead people have parents, and those parents want answers. But the answers from this president haven't come. What if these were your children?

The British protected their people by pulling them out before this violent attack occurred.

In another incident, a border patrol agent was killed with a gun supplied by one of our government agencies. His parents want answers. No answers have come. Surviving parents and relatives south of the border also want answers as to why these guns were supplied to the drug cartels and their relatives were killed.

The incidents of which I write were the Benghazi attack in Libya and the Fast and Furious gun-running sting operation by a government agency.

The president wants protection and the propaganda press provides it. Attorney General Eric Holder wants protection. The president and propaganda press provide it. May God have mercy on us!

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