Reaction to Hadley

November 18, 2012 

OWEN S. KRAMER, Richland

I read Karl Hadley's post election shopping list of stream-of-consciousness commentaries (Letters, Nov. 12) with various and conflicting emotions. I was amused, disappointed and longing for something more. I was amused that he would claim that former Gov. Mitt Romney ran a positive campaign. Republican Rob McKenna, one of the two very capable candidates for Washington governor, ran a gold standard of a positive campaign. This is unlike Romney's campaign -- most of what I saw on TV was misleading and extremely negative.

At one time, in years past, Karl changed from his standard shopping list commentaries and irrational charges to well thought out and rationally presented arguments. Some of these arguments actually made some sense. I am disappointed that he reverted to a less onerous and less rational shopping list. I miss the transitional Karl. We need people like Karl to keep us honest and from taking ourselves too seriously. I miss the transitional Karl's rational arguments using complete sentences, not a shopping list of irrational stream of consciousness commentaries.

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