A better way

November 18, 2012 


One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. If this is true, then Republicans are poster boys for the loony bin. Every four years, they run a stodgy old candidate with an unappealing message, and every four years they lose.

They need to find a charismatic candidate who can articulate the conservative message in a way that is appealing to all. All humans have roughly the same universal needs -- a better life for their families and future generations; a respect for human life and reverence for their faith.

A conservative fiscal/social policy is the best, and maybe the only way, to meet these needs. Taking from some and giving to others will only ensure poverty rather than wealth. History has shown that regulated capitalism, rather than socialistic policy, is the surest way for low unemployment and economic success.

The candidate should also be a fighter who has guts and common sense, and will go for the jugular with no holds barred; not with smears but with the truth. Being nicey nice to liberals and independents and expect that they will vote for you is a recipe for failure, as is pandering to the Hispanic vote.

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