Fast Focus: Electoral College outdated

November 18, 2012 

-- SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

Yes, I think the Electoral College should be eliminated. The current populace has ample access to information to make informed decisions. The Electoral College is a buffer designed to safeguard against a poor decision and amplify the collective will of the people. The model is no longer necessary and creates counterproductive incentives for both the voter and the politician. Voters are disincentivized by the experience of having a "college" of peers cast the final vote. I have heard more than one person say, "My vote isn't important, all the electoral votes in my state will go to X candidate because our state is always overrun by the west side."

I believe the power of the ballot should reside directly with the voters. Politicians are disincentivized to focus more energy and time wooing voters in states with more Electoral College votes. When the election is finalized, having a state's voting chips pooled skews the results (particularly painful for those citizens who did not vote with the Electoral College delegate) and creates a perception of a mandate for a particular candidate and platform, rather than focusing on the actual vote count results. There is also a perception that people in power want to benefit from the electoral college system. This is unacceptable. Voting should not be something that is manipulated.

I would much rather see a system in which voters have additional voting power based on their contribution to the country via tax payments. Give an additional vote to those who are carrying the burden of paying for our government and actively contributing to our economic viability, as a safeguard against socialism.

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