Next stop, tyranny

November 16, 2012 

JEREMY OWEN, Kennewick

With the election behind us, some questions remain: How long until we run out of other people's money? How long until the yuan replaces the dollar as the world reserve? How long can this country take its comforts for granted?

I suppose it was inevitable.

The observation that democracy is a cycle that starts and ends in bondage seems to apply. We are in the apathy to dependence phase. The next phase is tyranny.

I shouldn't complain. As a parent, all that is now required is that I teach my kids some basic literacy and math skills and to aspire to be an orderly at a state hospital.

But it burns me that I am part of the generation that sold out. Part of the generation that said we are incapable of humanity at an individual level. Part of the generation that rejected ethics in lieu of statistics. Part of the generation that rejected choice in the name of equality. Part of a generation that tried to define justice because they thought they owned the market on morality.

A generation with no plan, who would achieve a status quo rather than change the world.

Ideas truly are fragile.

Apparently ideas like personal and fiscal responsibility leading us from darkness are out of date.

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