Party of moochers

November 16, 2012 


The Founding Fathers of the this country never saw the Democratic Party coming. It never occurred to them that a political party would create a permanent underclass just to perpetuate its own political power.

Consider this, the producers of this country voted Republican in this election. However, the entitlement class voted Democrat. Who is this entitlement class? Nearly 50 million people are on food stamps. Do you really think they would vote for a party that promotes the work ethic. Half the people pay no income tax. They are not going to vote Republican. Millions more receive Social Security disability payments. Do you think they will vote for the party of work?

Unions, a terrible bunch of moochers, want more for producing less. Think they will vote the party of entrepreneurialism and personal responsibility?

While the founders did not see the Democrats coming, Ayn Rand conservatives do. Look at a recent U.S. election map by county. The red is the producer class, the blue is the entitlement class. The federal reserves printing presses are running at full speed. But we can not create enough money for the entitlement class. When the money stops, the moochers will boil out of the big cities in a riot that makes Europe look like a Girl Scout sing-a-long.

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