Kennewick hero

November 15, 2012 

BARB PUIGH, Richland

Thanks to KNDU TV news for reporting the heartwarming story of Alisha Bryans. Alisha returned $3,500 cash to Judy Johnson who lost it in front of the Hallmark store in Kennewick on Oct. 30.

Thanks also to the staff at Numerica Credit Union who helped Alisha track down Judy, who had withdrawn the money to buy a car. Alisha's manager, Melissa Hendricks, and the owner of the store, Patrick Jilek, also assisted and supported Alisha in the tracking process.

Alisha said she knew it was the right thing to do. The fact that Alisha's husband is facing the possibility of losing his job for the winter did not sway her decision. The appreciation shown by Judy for Alisha's honesty and integrity included a big hug. Alisha said, "It was emotional. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Follow up to the story: The Kennewick fire chief has nominated Alisha as a Kennewick hero. The national headquarters of Hallmark is also giving her special recognition.

You may wonder if I know Alisha. Yes, I do. That is something else for which I am very thankful!

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