Wowed by performance

November 15, 2012 


All I have to say is, "Wow."

I been involved in community theater in the Tri-City area during the past eight years, and I am extremely excited to report that I have never experienced anything like Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre's production of Titanic the Musical.

I know how much time and dedication that my fellow thespians generously contributed to make this show what it was, and let me tell you, the standard has now been set. Never before have I seen such clever use of a set, complimented by professionally executed lighting and special effects.

The harmonious orchestra performed flawlessly under the superb direction of Justin Raffa, accompanying an enormously talented cast that included 80 individuals from the community. Their combined efforts was so emotionally charged that I found myself reaching for the tissues more than once.

So thank you, Jo Brodzinski, and everyone else whose hard work was justified through last weekend's performances. I would have paid much more than $20 to be entertained the way that they did, and you can be sure that I'll be there supporting any and all upcoming performances this company hosts in the future. Bravo!

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