Who's will?

November 14, 2012 


Lexi Tiffany's letter, "Rejecting God's will," (Fast Focus, Nov. 11) was an interesting comment on the inability to see the truth.

President Obama isn't making this nation hypocritical. This nation has been so for a long time.

We are a free country with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and beliefs, freedom to bear arms and more. But some want to tell everyone how to live their lives and judge those who are different than them.

The Republican Party has its points that I agree with, such as less government interference in people's lives. Yet Republicans are the ones who have taken a hard line and say they can tell me how to think, who to hate and who to love.

People voted and made the decisions. It would appear that we, the people, have decided it is time to allow others to live their lives for themselves despite what others might say. You have the right to love whom you wish. If you want to kill yourself (or your brain) using marijuana, how is that different than killing yourself with alcohol, tobacco or legal drugs?

Just because I think differently than you, does not make you right and me wrong. It just makes me different.

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