Vista Field

November 14, 2012 


I do not agree with D. Steve Verian's dismal view of Vista Field (Letters, Nov. 12). If the Port of Kennewick were to engage a viable airport manager and do the budgeted upkeep, the picture would be much different. There are many airports in Eastern Washington that appear to be healthy and well -- Prosser, Wenatchee, Ephrata, Moses Lake and Richland, to name a few. None of these airports are in an area with the potential of Vista Field.

Vista Field borders the proposed "entertainment district" in Kennewick. The Toyota Center, Toyota Arena and Three Rivers Convention Center are just across the street. The proposed performing arts facility is likely to be built in the same vicinity.

Corporate executives who increasingly fly their own planes would find Vista Field accommodating. The same goes for celebrities coming for appearances or performances at one of these venues. And, how about proud parents or fans of hockey players?

Let's have some vision and imagination. Let's figure out how to market it. Let's do it!

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