Mid-Columbia births for Nov. 13

Compiled by the Tri-City HeraldNovember 13, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

TORRES -- Claudia and Jorge, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 9.

MARTINEZ -- Jovelle and Rogelio, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 11.

MAGANA -- Susan and Ismael Perez, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 9.

HANSON -- Catrina and Donald, Burbank, girl, Nov. 9.

AMOS -- Kathlyn and Mark, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 8.

BAKER -- Rachel and Chad, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 8.

DICKENSON -- Saebre and Chase Smith, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 8.

JENSEN -- Olivia and Kyle Cunnington, Dayton, boy, Nov. 7.

JONES -- Autumn and Joshua, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 5.

JARAS -- Consuelo and Felipe Hernandez Villa, Pasco, boy, Nov. 5.

NEESE -- Rebecca and Norman Hartl, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 7.

CHILDRESS -- Betsy and Joshua, Pasco, boy, Nov. 8.

CAMPOS -- Lusina and Cornelio Valencia, Pasco, girl, Nov. 10.

RUSH -- Cori and Derek Perot, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 10.

MYERS -- Ivy and Carlos Rodriguez-Maciel, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 7.

JONES -- Cassi and Jarad, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 6.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

AMAYA -- Adriana and Arthur III, Pasco, boy, Oct. 31.

BELLOMY -- Angela and Christopher Kirk, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 1.

SMITH -- Eden and Zachary Oliver, West Richland, boy, Nov. 1.

CRUZ -- Alejandra and Luis Cardenas, Kennewick, Nov. 3.

LOPEZ -- Sandy and Tomas Hernandez, Pasco, girl, Nov. 3.

WYNNE -- Cassidy and Daniel, Pasco, girl, Nov. 5.

OLDFORD -- Kacie and Kenneth, Pasco, girl, Nov. 5.

GONZALES -- Christina and Joseph, Pasco, girl, Nov. 7.

PLUMMER -- Jeannette and Chris, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 7.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

BANDA -- Olivia and Nick Meeks, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 3.

WATTENBURGER -- Tricia and David, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 1.

DARLINGTON -- Michelle and Warren Williams, Umatilla, girl, Nov. 2.

CRUZ -- Francisca and Nicolas Nunez, Irrigon, boy, Nov. 2.

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