Election result clear

November 13, 2012 

DALE WILSON, West Richland

It is now clear that Americans, by a significant majority, have spoken. They have told Republicans plainly that they have gone too far as a party and that we need jobs, not outsourcing and corporate profit above all else.

Federal legislation that punishes outsourcing is past due. If a company has no loyalty to America, then let them leave America, and let free market gurus start their own replacement companies here in America based on a reasonable and sustainable profit model.

America spoke clearly that extremism, largely identified with the TEA-partiers and the religious right, cannot be your platform anymore. Saying anything to get elected is not tolerated. Voters want somebody who has a plan, and has been consistent in what he says he wants to do, and they will give him the benefit of the doubt even when that plan does not work perfectly.

A marginal plan is still better than empty promises and no definable plan at all. Mitt Romney's campaign exposed the GOP as the party that wants to win at all costs. Americans are not that stupid. They realize that such a policy leads to mistakes, missed opportunities and abuse.

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