Hadley wrong

November 13, 2012 


Karl Hadley's diatribes are, at their best, laughable. To pretend to know why blacks and Hispanics voted for President Obama (Letters, Nov. 12) is to completely absolve Mitt Romney for all his failings and lack of character or integrity.

As a Hispanic and union member, I can tell you for certain that Obama's skin color (or Romney's lack of it ) had nothing to do with my choice.

We union members know full well the Republicans' disdain for unions and our positions and of their desire to break us. Do I need more of a reason to vote pro labor?

You keep your Trumps, Nugents, birthers and the fundamentalists as your standard bearers in the GOP and see where they "lead" you.

It is nice to know that while Hadley and his ilk cried like babies on election night, I slept like one.

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