Vista Field

November 12, 2012 

D. STEVE YERIAN, Kennewick

For Kennewick taxpayers, the question regarding the airport at Vista Field is: What will we receive in return for our hard-earned tax money?

The answer is -- nothing. Well not exactly -- a huge tax burden that will last for years will accompany our nothing.

This airport is a bottomless money pit with little value to Kennewick. Money spent on the airport means less money for developments like Clover Island. The Port of Kennewick's concern should be to improve and beautify the community, not subsidizing recreational pilots.

Vista Field has been here since World War II. The airport does not receive federal funding and never will because of the proximity of the Pasco and Richland airports. There are days when not a single airplane takes off or lands at Vista Field.

Despite all the vocal outcries and salesmanship from a small but well-heeled minority, Kennewick's future is better served without this airport. Tourism and sustainable business development at this site instead of an airport will provide a real return on tax investment while benefiting 99 percent of the community, not just 1 percent.

The time has come to close the airport at Visa Field.

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