Fast Focus: The easy path

November 11, 2012 

-- ROBERT FOWLER, Kennewick

This morning, while thinking through yesterday's disastrous decision by more than half of the American electorate, I went outside and raked leaves. Such trivial tasks, like playing Bingo or raking leaves, often clear my mind and allows me to generate rational thought.

Within 10 minutes, I experienced a true epiphany. My fertile mind hit upon the reason that all of our efforts to preserve America, however so necessary, were hopelessly in vain. Actually, it became abundantly clear to me why we had no chance of rescuing and preserving the America we have known all of our lives. The America we loved, treasured, fought for and were so proud to be a part of throughout our lives.

So now let me offer my conclusion, and please bear in mind that it is based upon over 6,500 years of documented history.

Man is a creature of habit and this will never change. Man will migrate to make his life less complicated and there are literally millions of examples of this throughout some 6,500 years of recorded history. Sometimes the moves are as simple as moving from life under a tree to life in a cave. Others are more complicated, like taking the Mayflower from Europe to the Plymouth colony. But regardless of the degree of difficulty, mankind has always migrated to what he considered a more promising environment, an environment that offers him an opportunity for ease of obtaining food, clothing and shelter. Mankind will tolerate a degree of negatives if his overall return assures his basic needs while reducing the amount of effort he needs to achieve this goal. This is not arguable when analyzing the 6,500 years of recorded history.

So why should any of us be surprised when mankind continues in this quest? We live in a country where less than half of the inhabitants provide for the comfort of the minority and the minority likes it. They like it so much that their numbers grow every day. They like it when they get food, clothing, shelter, health care and yes, cellphones without the need to do anything but ask. Yes, today's migration is to entitlements and those folks receiving entitlements have no desire to give them up no matter the cost. If anyone doubts this, just look at the election results. This migration cannot be stopped. They can only grow and will grow until extinction comes due to a lack of those items necessary to maintain life.

Welcome to the Union of Socialist America. Atlas has shrugged.

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