Fast Focus: Healing the wounds

November 11, 2012 

--TOM A. GALIOTO, Kennewick

I'm writing prior to the election at this point, therefore our next U.S. president has not yet been determined. From all accounts, this will be one of the closest races in history to determine the next leader of the United States. One thing is certain, the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have some areas of agreement, but in general represent widely diverse positions on key issues facing the U.S. citizens.

What I believe will be the greatest challenge for our next president, regardless of which candidate is successful in the election, is to find a way to establish cooperation and a common vision that will bring our country together. Without bipartisan support within Congress and across this great country of ours, we will not be able to resolve the many issues that have hampered forward progress which is critical to our future. Recognizing that approximately half of our country's votes will have been cast for the other candidate, and that wounds from the campaign have been inflicted on both sides, I sincerely hope that our next elected president will have an effective solution to bring us all together once again for the benefit of our country. Without it, we will be in for a very long and difficult four years.

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