Fast Focus: Bad trend

November 11, 2012 

-- JAMES C. LANGFORD, Richland

Well, Obama et al won the election but not based on the fair, level politics known as Americanism. I am pretty much ashamed of those under-educated socialites who voted against the principled politics in favor of gimme free gifts and money. Our nation paid for this defective election without American individualism -- this will prove costly in the long run. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not economically sound.

Besides, we seem to be locked in a irreligious path that will lead to higher crime, people without ethics (they say they are as good or equal to the rest of the people but their lives do not show it). Something for nothing is against biblical teachings and American heritage. I believe God is trying to lead this nation and the world into a better way of less suffering and killing but many refuse to follow. This is what the Bible calls evil. Perhaps the more intelligent will watch, work and show our successes and failures in keeping with true progressive practices that lead to a better country, government, etc., with less crime. They will be hounded by those who see no connection to evil and crime. As long as the media refuses to understand that their poor judgment leads us to worse government, conditions are not likely to improve.

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