State swim live blog, Day Two: Richland's Bratton wins 200 IM, 100 back

November 10, 2012 

10:54 p.m.--State swimming is OVER. And the Richland Bombers have taken second for their first top-four finish at state. They got a trophy and everything. Nicole Weinman finished second in the 500 free, and the Bombers took second in the 400 free relay.

Overall, a great year for the Tri-Cities.

8:58 p.m.--Lisa Bratton just won the 100 back in 54.85, an All-America automatic swim. She was the second seed entering the event.

Richland has climbed to second in the team standings. They have never been in the top four before.

Vanessa Whattam was seventh in the 100 free, and the 200 free relay team took fourth.

8:12 p.m.--Richland senior Sarah Olsen finished sixth in the 100 fly A final in 58.37. Hometown girl Kenna Ramey of Federal Way had the crowd behind her as she won in 56.00.

8:09 p.m.--Richland freshman Alyssa Musick just won the 100 fly consolation final in 1:00.00. You read that right. Her teammate Sarah Olsen is up next in the A final.

7:50 p.m.--I've got 99 problems, and computer problems are some of them. But Richland's Lisa Bratton easily defended her 200 individual medley title with a time of 2:01.53. That's better than her 2011 time of 2:03.70.

Nicole Weinman was fourth in the 200 free for the Bombers, who are in fourth place in the team standings after four events. If the Bombers stay where they are, they will get on the trophy stand. Stay tuned.

Newport (Bellevue) leads with 91 points, followed by three-time defending champion Skyline (58) and Kentlake (49).

6:29 p.m.--Hanford finished fourth in the Class 3A team standings behind Mercer Island, Bainbridge and Lakeside (Seattle). Richland will try for the top of the Class 4A medal podium tonight.

4:41 p.m.--Did some interviews, talked to some people.

Southridge's Danielle Freund posted the best state finish (fourth) by a Tri-City diver. She beat former teammate Katie Smoot's seventh-place finish from 2008. She also beat Smoot's point total of 338.60.

Hanford's two-year reign as 200 free relay champion is over. Mercer Island won in a state-record 1:37.12, while Bainbridge (1:39.07) snagged second. Hanford was third in 1:39.14. Yes, another close race involving the Falcons.

If you think swimming is the only thing on these competitors' minds, guess again. It's fall, which means football, and in Kennewick's case, it means a playoff game. Lions senior Jacque Ines is keeping her team updated on the Lions' progress against North Thurston by scrolling through her Twitter feed.

And expect a big four years from Kennewick's Alexis Murphy, who just won the 100 breaststroke consolation final. Hailey Murphy was a proud big sister, rushing to greet her after her win. She picked her up in a big bear hug.

3:49 p.m.--Southridge junior Danielle Freund just finished fourth in the Class 3A diving with a score of 354.70.

3:11 p.m.--Hanford's Tixier sisters found themselves in some crazy races.

First, in the 200 IM, junior Lisa Tixier was locked in a tight race for third while Bellevue's Kim Williams battled for the lead with Mercer Island's Grace Wold. Williams snatched the crown from Wold, winning in an All-America automatic time of 2:01.20. Wold was timed in 2:01.87, also under the previous state meet record.

Tixier, meanwhile, was fighting against Lakeside's Lindsey Seidner for third in the early stages. Tixier had a solid lead over Seidner after the breaststroke, but Seidner closed the gap entering the final freestyle leg. Tixier managed to outtouch Seidner on her left and Lakeside's Hannah Shabb on her right for a time of 2:08.02.

Just to give you some perspective, Williams and Wold were halfway down the pool when Tixier started making her final turn.

In the all-out 50 free, Stephanie Tixier and defending champion Anna Keane raced side-by-side, as they did in Friday's heat. Keane again prevailed over Tixier for the title, finishing in an All-America automatic time of 23.36. Tixier cut her time down to 23.98.

We're now in the diving portion of the meet, and Danielle Freund of Southridge just got a 32.20 for a forward somersault with two twists. Her degree of difficulty was a 2.3, and most divers are in the 1.6-1.7 range.

2:46 p.m.--Some 3A results rolling in. Kennewick lowered its time in the 200 medley relay, finishing third in the consolation final. Hanford's Mylie Oberg was fourth in the B final of the 200 free.

200 medley relay—1, Bainbridge (Shayla Archer, Ani Duni, Anna Peirano, Sarah Grundman) 1:47.75 (All-America consideration, meet record); 2, Mercer Island 1:48.45 (AAC); 3, Lakeside 1:50.79; 11, Kennewick (Blair Murphy, Alexis Murphy, Hailey Murphy, Samantha Lester) 1:55.72; 19, Hanford (Taylor Fievez, Kayla Burnight, Shaylee Kieffer, Linnea Peacock) 1:59.08; 24, Southridge (Rachel Schafer, Katie Brunson, Jaiden Hamilton, McKenzie Andreatta) 2:05.65. 200 free—1, Monica Bottelberghe (Columbia River) 1:50.05 (All-America consideration); 2, Vanessa Moffatt (JFK) 1:54.27; 3, Addie Chambers (Lakeside) 1:55.10; 12, Mylie Oberg (Han) 1:59.16.

2:18 p.m.--Wrote a notebook lead on Hailey Rankin. I like working ahead. It won't get easier with the 3A and 4A finals coming up.

Richland and Hanford are across the pool from me. It looks like Kennewick is stationed two teams over. Southridge is underneath the press box.

What do we have on tap today in the 3A finals? Hanford's Stephanie Tixier will go for the blue medal — no gold medals in WIAA swimming — in the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly. Her sister Lisa will swim in the championship finals in the 100 free and 200 IM, as will Hanford teammate Mylie Oberg in the 500 free.

Don't know what the heck is going on with the diving results, but apparently, Kamiakin's Danielle Brandon WILL dive today. The results listed her outside the top 16 on Friday. Brandon and Southridge's Danielle Freund will try to work their way up the leaderboard today.

1:26 p.m.--Craig Craker's alma mater, Lake Washington, won the Class 2A team title with 235 points. Prosser finished 20th.

The Mustangs were sixth in the 400 free relay consolation final, and after the race, I caught up with Hailey Rankin. Judging by our talk, I don't think we've seen the last of her in the pool, after all. Once you have the competition bug, it's hard to shake, and she seemed more disappointed in her times than in the fact that this was her last meet.

The 3A finals are scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m. We'll see how Hanford, Southridge, Kennewick and Sunnyside do.

Here are the final 2A results:

Team scores (top eight and locals)—1, Lake Washington 235; 2, Tumwater 205; 3, Ellensburg 160; 4, Sehome 151; 5, Sumner 140; 6, Squalicum 139; 7, Capital 132; 8, Port Angeles 118; 20, Prosser 37.

200 medley relay—1, Sumner (Alicia Ditty, Ashley Huynh, Madison Munger, Kallan Gustafson) 1:53.56; 2, Port Angeles 1:54.63; 3, Lake Washington 1:55.14; 17, Prosser (Kassidy Burnett, Becky Wildman, Hailey Rankin, Karlie Lusk) 2:04.56. 200 free—1, Gwendolyn Roley (Sehome) 1:59.07; 2, Madeline Gillman (Bellingham) 1:59.92; 3, Rankin (Pro) 2:02.04. 200 IM—1, Julia Sanders (Hockinson) 2:05.90; 2, Munger (Sumner) 2:10.24; 3, Kelsey Crane (Klahowya) 2:12.86. 50 free—1, Anne Froelich (Ellensburg) 25.11; 2, Clare Kucinski-Murphy (Lake Washington) 25.15; 3, Kim Vincent (Steilacoom) 25.19. Diving—1, Tori Franzen (Squalicum) 383.55 (meet record); 2, Nadia Popovici (Lake Washington) 304.60; 3, Rachel Howard (Tumwater) 295.75. 100 fly—1, Sanders (Hockinson) 56.61; 2, Lorraine Hack (Tumwater) 59.25; 3, Munger (Sumner) 59.66; 4, Rankin (Pro) 1:00.79. 100 free—1, Abby Sullivan (Tumwater) 52.38; 2, Taylor Wilson (Ellensburg) 52.88; 3, Caitlin Quaempts (West Valley) 54.05. 500 free—1, Crane (Klahowya) 5:19.17; 2, Gillman (Bellingham) 5:23.64; 3, Roley (Sehome) 5:23.85. 200 free relay—1, Tumwater (Anneke Stoker, Alex Cumings, Hack, Sullivan) 1:40.61 (meet record); 2, Mark Morris 1:43.39; 3, Capital 1:43.40. 100 back—1, Sullivan (Tumwater) 58.85; 2, Kucinski-Murphy (Lake Washington) 1:00.99; 3, Quaempts (West Valley) 1:01.06. 100 breast—1, Meredith Sawer (Fife) 1:06.34; 2, Taylor Wilson (Ellensburg) 1:06.64; 3, Huynh (Sumner) 1:08.85. 400 free relay—1, Tumwater (Stoker, Cumings, Hack, Sullivan) 3:40.87 (meet record); 2, Lake Washington 3:46.26; 3, Ellensburg 3:48.40; 14, Prosser (Rankin, Lusk, Wildman, Kate Burnett) 4:09.87.

12:48 p.m.--The Prosser girls cheered on Ellensburg's Taylor Wilson in the 100 breaststroke. She was second in 1:06.64 behind Fife's Meredith Sawer (1:06.34). Sumner's Ashley Huynh, who entered with the top heat time, was third in 1:08.85. One more race to go.

12:37 p.m.--More results for you all:

200 free relay—1, Tumwater (Anneke Stoker, Alex Cumings, Lorraine Hack, Abby Sullivan) 1:40.61 (meet record); 2, Mark Morris 1:43.39; 3, Capital 1:43.40. 100 back—1, Sullivan (Tumwater) 58.85; 2, Clare Kucinski-Murphy (Lake Washington) 1:00.99; 3, Caitlin Quaempts (West Valley) 1:01.06.

My Herald colleague Craig Craker is on pins and needles waiting to hear the 2A team standings. His alma mater, Lake Washington, has led much of the day. I might have some good news for him, but we still have two races left, the 100 breaststroke and 400 free relay.

12:15 p.m.--Reading reports of snow in Yakima and the Tri-Cities. No me likey. It's just real frosty out this way. Don't get me wrong, I like LOOKING at snow, but it's entirely different driving in it. Go away, snow -- I'm heading home tomorrow.

Here are results from the last two events:

100 free—1, Abby Sullivan (Tumwater) 52.38; 2, Taylor Wilson (Ellensburg) 52.88; 3, Caitlin Quaempts (West Valley) 54.05. 500 free—1, Kelsey Crane (Klahowya) 5:19.17; 2, Madeline Gillman (Bellingham) 5:23.64; 3, Gwendolyn Roley (Sehome) 5:23.85.

Crane beat Hailey Rankin in the 500 free last year, and that was a much closer race. In fact, Rankin led most of the race before Crane powered ahead in the final 50. Crane was hardly challenged today.

12:05 p.m.--I went down to the pool deck to take pictures of Hailey Rankin's 100 butterfly medal ceremony. I think it's starting to hit her that this is it for her, but she hugged her friend, sixth-place finisher Anne Froelich of Ellensburg, and smiled a little on the medal stand. She has one more race, the 400 free relay.

11:49 a.m.--Abby Sullivan of Tumwater just picked "The Circle of Life" for her theme song. Yes, from "The Lion King." She probably wasn't even born when that movie came out.

11:42 a.m.--Prosser's Hailey Rankin finished fourth in the 100 fly with a time of 1:00.79. Hockinson's Julia Sanders was the champ for the fourth consecutive year, hitting the wall in 56.61. Lorraine Hack of Tumwater took second in 59.25, and Madison Munger of Sumner was third in 59.66.

11:32 a.m.--The top three in diving: 1, Tori Franzen (Squalicum) 383.55; 2, Nadia Popovici (Lake Washington) 304.60; 3, Rachel Howard (Tumwater) 295.75.

11:23 a.m.--The final set of dives is going on, and Prosser senior Hailey Rankin will be back in the pool next for her final individual event, the 100 butterfly. She was second last year to Hockinson's Julia Sanders, who is back today. Rankin swam a 1:01.14 in her heat Friday, but Sanders got down to 58.02. Of course, prelim times don't matter in the championship finals.

10:49 a.m.--2A diving is beginning now, and we don't have anyone in this event.

If you haven't seen a 50 free in person, you're missing out. Unlike other events, swimmers don't have time to pace themselves. Everyone goes all out from the start, and in the Class 2A championship final, all the swimmers had enough juice to win. For proof, here are the top three: 1, Anne Froelich (Ellensburg) 25.11; 2, Clare Kucinski-Murphy (Lake Washington) 25.15; 3, Kim Vincent (Steilacoom) 25.19.

Froelich is Ellensburg's second state champion in the 50 free. Erin Matthews won in 1993 with a time of 24.52.

We might see another 50 free state champion from our side of the mountains later today. Hanford's Stephanie Tixier is in the Class 3A final -- she took second in the event last year -- and Richland's Vanessa Whattam will go tonight in Class 4A.

10:41 a.m.--The top three in the 200 IM: 1, Julia Sanders (Hockinson) 2:05.90; 2, Madison Munger (Sumner) 2:10.24; 3, Kelsey Crane (Klahowya) 2:12.86.

And going back to the start of the meet, here are the top three in the 200 medley relay: 1, Sumner (Alicia Ditty, Ashley Huynh, Munger, Kallan Gustafson) 1:53.56; 2, Port Angeles 1:54.63; 3, Lake Washington 1:55.14

10:29 a.m.--The top three in the 200 free: 1, Gwendolyn Roley (Sehome) 1:59.07; 2, Madeline Gillman (Bellingham) 1:59.92; 3, Hailey Rankin (Prosser) 2:02.04. Rankin's season best in the 200 free entering state had been a 2:02.40.

10:15 a.m.--Prosser's Hailey Rankin just got a third-place finish in the 200 free. She outtouched W.F. West's Gabrielle Godlewski in 2:02.04.

One of my favorite parts of state swim Saturday is the walk-in music selected by the top seed in each championship final. Sumner walked in to Britney Spears' "Gimme More" for the 200 medley relay. Props to Sumner for picking one of her underrated efforts.

9:40 a.m.--We're minutes away from the Class 2A finals at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way. I heard some timers haven't checked in, so it might be a little later than the scheduled 10 a.m. start time.

We have one team, Prosser, in the 2A finals. I'm looking forward to talking with Hailey Rankin, who has said this will be her final swim meet. She competes today in the 200 free and 100 fly, as well as in the 400 free relay. The Mustangs are listed as first alternates for the 200 medley relay.

This will be the final state meet for several area swimmers, most notably Rankin, Richland's Nicole Weinman, Sarah Olsen and Vanessa Whattam, Hanford's Stephanie Tixier, Southridge's Katelyn McLaughlin and Kennewick's Hailey Murphy. It will be interesting to talk with them today to gauge their emotions. I tried to ask some of them about it yesterday, but I don't think it will become real until today.

Murphy, the only Kennewick swimmer who has qualified for state every year, had tough swims Friday. Her goggles and swim cap popped off in the 200-yard individual medley, and she inhaled some water near the finish of the 100 butterfly.

"I cried a little bit as I warmed down," Murphy said, "but my coach (Erin Holmes) said, 'You're in the finals, so it's doesn't matter. ' "

Murphy will be back in the pool today for consolation finals in the 100 fly and the 200 medley and 400 free relays.

"I'm gonna miss all of this," said Murphy, who would like to swim in college but hasn't made any firm plans. "It's an amazing experience, and I wouldn't trade any of this."

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