Week 2 of Movember

November 9, 2012 

Thursday was the start of Week 2 of Movember.

Tri-City Americans defenseman Drydn Dow and goalie Brenden Fiebelkorn are in a race to see who has the best mustache (and beard) by the end of the month.

I polled the guys in the Sports department today (all three that were here) to get their opinion as to who was leading the race. I told them it was the start of Week 2.

Kevin said it was the start of Weak 2 (even spelled WEAK for me), but then again, Kevin's scraggly offerings can't hold a candle to either player. Kevin picked Mr. Fiebelkorn out of the two-person lineup.

Jeff also gave his vote to Mr. Fielbelkorn.

Jack, who has the full beard and mustache going on (with a hint of gray), gave the nod to Mr. Dow. He liked that his "growth was more even."

Take a look and take your pick. They still have a lot of time left before the end of the month.

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