State swim live blog, Day One

November 9, 2012 

10:18 p.m.--The Class 4A prelim results (apologies for the lack of coding -- I might get kicked out of here soon):

200 medley relay—1, Skyline (Kristaley Umezawa, Andi Scarcello, Stephanie Munoz, Maria Volodkevich) 1:50.77; 11, Walla Walla (Emma Timm-Ballard, Cheyenne Schoen, Natalie Fink, Abby Crowley) 1:55.23; 16, Richland (Sarah Olsen, Lauren Hall, Kaylyn Lesser, McKenzie Schroder) 1:56.69. 200 free—1, Felicity Cann (Stadium) 1:50.52 (All-America consideration); 4, Nicole Weinman (Rich) 1:56.79; 6, Timm-Ballard (WW) 1:57.80. 200 IM—1, Lisa Bratton (Rich) 2:06.29; 15, Crowley (WW) 2:13.23; 18, Alyssa Musick (Rich) 2:14.88. 50 free—1, Lorea Gwo (Newport) 23.64 (All-America consideration); 11, Vanessa Whattam (Rich) 24.84. Diving—1, Caitlin Chambers (Garfield) 227.30; 19, Carly Garland (Rich) 125.35. 100 fly—1, Kenna Ramey (Federal Way) 56.54; 6, Sarah Olsen (Rich) 58.79; 9, Musick (Rich) 1:00.17. 100 free—1, Hannah Bruggman (Wenatchee) 52.46; 7, Whattam (Rich) 54.26. 500 free—1, Cann (Stadium) 5:02.76; 2, Weinman (Rich) 5:12.33; 18, Olsen (Rich) 5:26.41. 200 free relay—1, Cascade (Nichole Carlson, Darcie Booth, Danielle Booth, Kalena Laurent) 1:39.51; 5, Richland (Whattam, Hall, Weinman, Bratton) 1:41.30. 100 back—1, Kaela McKee (Jackson) 56.13 (AAC); 2, Bratton (Rich) 56.43 (AAC); 7, Timm-Ballard (WW) 58.56; 22, Hall (Rich) 1:04.06. 100 breast—1, Carolyn McCann (Gig Harbor) 1:03.63 (All-America automatic); 20, Schoen (WW) 1:11.39. 400 free relay—1, Newport (Elisa Fang, Maggie Pana, Amelia Liu, Gwo) 3:37.55; 2, Richland (Whattam, Olsen, Weinman, Bratton) 3:39.95; 10, Walla Walla (Crowley, Fink, Schoen, Timm-Ballard) 3:44.03.

7:01 p.m.--Lisa Bratton of Richland cruised in her 200 IM heat. The defending Class 4A state champion won in 2:06.29. Gig Harbor's Carolyn McCann had the second-fastest time in 2:07.91. Walla Walla's Abby Crowley made the consolation final, finishing 15th in 2:13.23. She was in Bratton's heat along with Richland freshman Alyssa Musick.

6:38 p.m.--Richland's Nicole Weinman and Walla Walla's Emma Timm-Ballard put on a show in their 200 free heat. On their second leg, they both were timed in 56.48. Weinman pulled away to win in 1:56.79, and Timm-Ballard was second in 1:57.80.

6:25 p.m.--The Class 4A meet just began. Walla Walla finished the 200 medley relay in 1:55.23, while Richland, in the next heat, clocked a 1:56.69.

5:31 p.m.--Here are the Class 3A results with top prelim times and locals:


200 medley relay—1, Bainbridge (Shayla Archer, Ani Duni, Anna Peirano, Sarah Grundman) 1:49.93; 13, Kennewick (Blair Murphy, Alexis Murphy, Hailey Murphy, Samantha Lester) 1:57.44; 19, Hanford (Taylor Fievez, Kayla Burnight, Shaylee Kieffer, Linnea Peacock) 1:59.08; 24, Southridge (Rachel Schafer, Katie Brunson, Jaiden Hamilton, McKenzie Andreatta) 2:05.65. 200 free—1, Monica Bottelberghe (Columbia River) 1:51.28 (All-America consideration); 12, Mylie Oberg (Han) 2:00.66. 200 IM—1, Grace Wold (Mercer Island) 2:08.00; 6, Lisa Tixier (Han) 2:11.35; 16, Cassadie Moore (Sunnyside) 2:16.71; 20, Hailey Murphy (Ken) 2:18.36. 50 free—1, Anna Keane (Meadowdale) 23.73 (AAC); 3, Stephanie Tixier (Han) 24.37; 9, Katelyn McLaughlin (Sou) 25.13. Diving—1, Meg Lindsay (MI) 197.00; 3, Danielle Freund (Sou) 175.15; 18, Danielle Brandon (Kamiakin) 124.80; 21, Kayla Lasater (Han) 114.10; 23, Jessica Anderson (Kam) 102.10. 100 fly—1, Hannah Taylor (Marysville-Pilchuck) 57.00; 4, S. Tixier (Han) 57.61; 13, H. Murphy (Ken) 1:00.22. 100 free—1, Bottelberghe (CR) 51.01 (AAC); 6, L. Tixier (Han) 54.06; 17, Kayla Burnight (Han) 57.49. 500 free—1, Grundman (Bain) 5:06.65; 8, Oberg (Han) 5:17.60. 200 free relay—1, Mercer Island (Alex Seidel, Christina Williamson, Sabrina Kwan, Wold) 1:39.15; 3, Hanford (Peacock, L. Tixier, Kayla Burnight, S. Tixier) 1:41.64; 14, Southridge (McLaughlin, Hamilton, Brunson, Lyons) 1:47.28. 100 back—1, Caitlin Cox (MI) 58.16; 14, Schafer (Sou) 1:01.69. 100 breast—1, Kim Williams (Bellevue) 1:05.32; 10, Moore (Sun) 1:09.19; 11, A. Murphy (Ken) 1:09.25; 13, McLaughlin (Sou) 1:09.49. 400 free relay—1, Mercer Island (Kristin Hoffman, Alex Seidel, Cox, Wold) 3:38.43; 2, Hanford (Oberg, L. Tixier, Peacock, S. Tixier) 3:40.79; 13, Southridge (McLaughlin, Schafer, Hamilton, Lyons) 3:51.91; 14, Kennewick (Lester, B. Murphy, A. Murphy, H. Murphy) 3:52.39.

4:50 p.m.--Hanford cruised in its 400 free relay heat, beating Meadowdale with a time of 3:40.79. The Falcons won the state title last year in 3:34.48, but as I've heard from many swimmers and coaches today, times will only go down tomorrow.

The 100 breaststroke consolation final will have three Mid-Columbia swimmers -- Cassadie Moore of Sunnyside, Alexis Murphy of Kennewick and Katelyn McLaughlin of Southridge -- in the eight-person field. Moore was 10th, Murphy 11th and McLaughlin 13th in the heats. For those of you following my earlier blog posts, Moore swam a 1:09.19.

McLaughlin's teammate Danielle Freund is in fourth place after the 3A diving preliminaries. (Ed. note: she moved up to third.)

4:31 p.m.--Time flies far more quickly here than at any event I've ever covered before. I was doing interviews in the deck, and before I know it, I haven't blogged for two hours.

Talked to Cassadie Moore, the only Sunnyside swimmer here. She's only been swimming for four years with a private coach, but she has made it to state in her sophomore year. Her best time in the 100 breaststroke -- 1:08.68 -- came here at the Mukilteo Invitational last month, and she's hoping to get it down to a 1:05 if she makes it to the second day. The breaststroke is coming up.

2:50 p.m.--Wow. Just watched Hanford's Stephanie Tixier race next to Meadowdale's Anna Keane, who beat her last year in the 50 free. Keane won the heat in 23.73, but Tixier turned it on at the end and cut her time to 24.37. This will be a fun race Saturday. Southridge's Katelyn McLaughlin posted an impressive time of 25.13 in her heat.

Stephanie's younger sister, Lisa, placed second in her 200 individual medley heat with a 2:11.35. Sunnyside's Cassadie Moore and Kennewick's Hailey Murphy swam in the same heat, and Moore clocked a 2:16.71 next to Murphy, who finished in 2:18.36.

Hanford's Mylie Oberg will swim Saturday after finishing 12th in the 200 free heats with her time of 2:00.66.

Kennewick's time in the 200 medley relay was good for 13th, landing the Lions in the B final Saturday. Hanford was 19th and Southridge 24th. This is the first year a Lions relay team has advanced to the second day of state.

2:40 p.m.--Just concluded the 3A 200 medley relay. Kennewick had the fastest time out of the Tri-City schools, finishing in 1:57.44. Hanford was timed in 1:59.08 and Southridge in 2:05.65.

The 200 free is up next. Hanford's Mylie Oberg swims in the second heat. She entered with a seed time of 2:03.32.

2:27 p.m.--Here are the Class 2A results from earlier today.


200 medley relay--1, Sumner (Alicia Ditty, Ashley Huynh, Madison Munger, Kallan Gustafson) 1:55.60; 17, Prosser (Kassidy Burnett, Becky Wildman, Hailey Rankin, Karlie Lusk) 2:04.56. 200 free--1, Gwendolyn Roley (Sehome) 2:00.18; 5, Rankin (Pro) 2:02.72. 200 IM--1, Julia Sanders (Hockinson) 2:10.41. 50 free--1, Clare Kucinski-Murphy (Lake Washington) 25.35. 100 fly--1, Sanders (Hoc) 58.02; 4, Rankin (Pro) 1:01.14. 100 free--1, Abby Sullivan (Tumwater) 53.40. 500 free--1, Kelsey Crane (Klahowya) 5:19.32. 200 free relay--1, Tumwater (Anneke Stoker, Alex Cumings, Lorraine Hack, Sullivan) 1:41.77. 100 back--1, Sullivan (Tum) 59.78. 100 breast--1, Huynh (Sum) 1:08.71. 400 free relay--1, Tumwater (Stoker, Cumings, Hack, Sullivan) 3:43.91; 12, Prosser (Rankin, Lusk, Wildman, Kate Burnett) 4:05.62.

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