Marijuana legalization

November 9, 2012 

DEBI LUEY, Kennewick

I am so looking forward to teaching my children how to toke up responsibly. We teach our kids how to drink responsibly, so why not have do this for marijuana too.

Teachers, police officers, surgeons, construction workers and bank tellers, go right ahead and do it on your breaks. Personally, think of all the revenue for Lamb Weston. Munchie sales through the roof.

People will be flooding to our state to get an ounce. Unemployment will remain high -- pun intended, but tax revenues will be up. So congratulations to all you voters for providing us a strong influx of tax money.

Unfortunately, we will have a more auto accidents, fires, child neglect, and real zombie-like people will slump around. Think of the money we will save by throwing out DARE! Bring in the Mexican drug cartel. I hear we can get a good rate if we create competition.

One of the saddest days of my life for our state.

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