Sun Downs closure

November 7, 2012 


The SunDowns equestrian facility at the fairgrounds was open to everyone for horse training, family horse events that were fun, youth activities, horse racing and many other events that benefited the horse community as a whole at no cost to the taxpayers.

The cost was incurred by Bob Lawrence. He managed these activities and he really did good for everyone. For reasons unknown to taxpayers and voters, Benton County commissioners decided that they did not want Bob to manage the facilities anymore.

The facility is in disrepair. The county has not cleaned up from the fair and rodeo, and nobody can use it in its current state. Taxpayers are footing the bill, and there is no income coming in from events, renters or any other horse-related industries.

Commissioner Jim Beaver said it would stay open for use and that nothing would change. The race horse industry is crippled because that facility is not available for use. Families have horses with no place to play. We don't know if and when Sun Downs will be open for business. Make yourself heard. It's your money going to waste.

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