Cultural depravities

November 7, 2012 


I guess there is no more doubt about who pulls the strings of the Tri-City Herald editorial staff. I've been suspicious of the removal of good ol' Rufus Friday, orchestrated or otherwise, for some time.

The Herald's attempt at anything even faintly resembling objective, informative or truthful journalism on any political or cultural topic at all is a stretch these days. Pro-gay, anti-Christianity and a fast-growing list of other cultural depravities and irrelevancies have become fashionable in media circles.

I remember reading the Herald as a boy more than half a century ago when intellect, educated objectivity and integrity were an important part of journalism. Instead, twisting and distorting truth and brainwashing populations have become the new art form.

Our institutions of "higher learning" have made fabricating reality an international phenomenon honored and adulated by self-labeled "intelligentsia."

America can proudly consider itself a serious contender up against ancient Rome as mankind's historical icon of licentiousness.

There was a man long ago who referred to himself as the "Truth." The courts of heaven will judge "Truth's" public defamation while his followers sacrifice time, favor and honor at the altars of sports emporiums and barbecues.

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