Benghazi attack

November 7, 2012 


The total absence of any story relating to the very apparent coverup and lies about the Benghazi tragedy from President Obama, Vice President Biden, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, White House press secretary Jay Carney and others in the administration is downright disgusting.

The denials and cause of the violence advanced by the White House have been completely discredited by sworn testimony to Congress and the surfacing of emails regarding requests for help from Ambassador Chris Stevens. The timeline and the chronology of events are too extensive to detail here, but an internet search will provide all of the information.

My comment is that this tragedy, which involved the murders of four Americans, is far larger than the Watergate issue of the Nixon era which did not involve the deaths of anybody. The mainstream media was all over the Watergate issue for weeks. It has been over a month since the Benghazi story has surfaced, yet there has not been a word from the Tri-City Herald on it except for some minor stories of the attack. I could say much more but the smell of bias is too nauseating.

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