Where is your ballot?

By the Tri-City HeraldNovember 6, 2012 

Today's the big day. Most likely you've already voted. We know that because Benton County's website shows of the 99,216 ballots issued, 47.99 percent of them already had been returned by Monday.

But just in case your ballot still is sitting on your desk or the dashboard of your car, be sure to hit one of the drop boxes today.

Your vote for president isn't likely to decide factor who will occupy the White House. If history is any prediction, Washington and its Electoral College votes will go to the Democrat, regardless of the Republican candidate's margin of victory in the Mid-Columbia.

But it still feels good to participate in the process.

And there are a lot of other races on the ballot besides the top office. In those races, every vote counts.

We will be electing a new governor this cycle and a bunch of other state officers, and deciding on some important voter initiatives.

And there's always some jockeying in the local races. The closer you get to home, the more likely your vote will make a big difference.

Your vote for county commissioner, for example, most certainly will make difference.

It's the right of a citizen to vote. It's the duty of a citizen to make an informed vote. Do it today.

And Wednesday, you can get on Facebook and "refriend" all the people you had to "unfriend" during the campaigns.

Benton County drop boxes are located at: the courthouse in Prosser, city halls in Benton City, West Richland and Kennewick, the auditor's annexes at 5600 W. Canal or 101 Wellsian Way, or at Jefferson Park on Symons Street.

Drop your Franklin County ballots at the fire station at 2108 Road 84, the courthouse parking lot at 1016 N. Fourth Ave., the Election Center at 116 N. Thirrd Ave., the TRAC at 6600 Burden Blvd., or the auditor's office inside the courthouse.

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