Tri-City Herald launches online subscription plan

Tri-City HeraldOctober 30, 2012 

For decades the Tri-City Herald has been the Mid-Columbia’s No. 1 source of community news, commentary and shopping information. That has not changed, in fact we reach more people in the Mid-Columbia today than ever before. What has changed is how we serve our customers.

Years ago we served our customers almost exclusively with a printed product. The digital age changed that. While on an average day an estimated 78,000 residents of the Mid-Columbia still start their day with our printed product, more and more of you want to access our content digitally. More than 47,000 unique visitors access our web and mobile platforms each week and they read more than 687,000 pages of content each week.

Now, through advances in technology and the restructuring and retraining of our newsroom, we bring you news and information 24/7 on your phone, tablet and laptop -- and once a day in your printed newspaper and digital replicas. Our digital platforms offer news video, photo galleries, the opportunity to engage in real-time discussions about topics in the news, bloggers and much more that is tailored for our digital platforms.

These changes also require a change in our business model. We can no longer expect advertising to support all these platforms and options, or for print subscribers to shoulder the burden. Around the country, more than 300 newspapers already charge for online content.

Regardless of how you want to read us, more than 30 Tri-City Herald journalists make their living giving our readers a fair, accurate and professionally news report. They attend the meetings you cannot and investigate the issues that affect your lives. Our goal is to give you the information necessary to make better decisions about life in your towns and neighborhoods. We believe quality, credible community journalism has value, regardless of the vehicle through which it is delivered.

Starting November 13, 2012, the Tri-City Herald is going to start charging for unlimited access to all of our platforms, including the Internet and mobile applications. Occasional readers can still access our home page and section fronts like local news, sports, features and business, but you'll need a subscription to read on more than 15 pieces of content in a month.

If you're a current print newspaper subscriber, we're giving you the opportunity to add full access to our mobile, Internet and digital newspaper for 50-cents per week or less, depending on your renewal length. If you aren't a current print subscriber, you'll have the option of getting a digital-only package including mobile, web and the electronic replica of the print newspaper for $6.95 a month or $69.95 per year. New digital only subscribers can start their subscription for as low as 99-cents.

Keep in mind that our website is not our print newspaper online, and our print newspaper is not our website in print. People use them differently, and to stay connected to your community you'll want to use them both, as well as our mobile and upcoming tablet apps.

Thank you for allowing the Tri-City Herald to be a part of your day. We look forward to providing you all the local news you want when you want it and in all the ways you want it.

Gregg McConnell, president and publisher of the Tri-City Herald