Benton County: Jansons

October 30, 2012 

JANE LEPAGE, West Richland

I've been impressed by the leadership Rick Jansons demonstrates in his position on the Richland School District board of directors. He is respectful and really listens to public input before acting on any issue. As president of the board he has navigated the district through some difficult issues as well as impressive accomplishments. He is a thoughtful representative for the citizens and schools.

Now as a community, we have the opportunity to elect Rick for Benton County commissioner.

I learned about his ideas and goals for Benton County at his website, Rick would enter the position with goals for controlling gang activity and establishing a crisis response center. I believe that these issues will keep Benton County a safe and family friendly place to live. I have no doubt that he will work hard to manage the county government. Rick Jansons is a true public servant, dedicated to keeping our county safe and progressive.

Rick has demonstrated his commitment to our community and quality of life here in Benton County as a Rotary member, president of the Richland School Board and Navy veteran. Please join me in voting for Rick Jansons for Benton County commissioner.

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