President: Romney

October 30, 2012 


President Obama is great at partying -- the best. His golf is improving daily. He makes his own beer and according to polls, is someone you would like to sit down with for a beer and some laughs. Just a fun guy to be around. His likeability rating is reportedly much higher than Romney's.

I don't think it is likeable to tell his opposition to sit in the back seat while he ramrods his agenda through Congress. Or to say the Republicans' plan is for dirty air and water. Or to call half the nation "flat earthers" and people who cling to their guns and their religion.

Romney does not go on Leno, Letterman, or Pimp-with-a-Limp, or party with Beyonce, Jay-Z, or every-team-in-every-sport that ever gets to a playoff. He does not dance with Degeneres or sing like Al Green. Heck! He doesn't even drink beer!

Mitt Romney is just very capable at handling business problems, knows what we need to become energy independent, knows how to create jobs, loves America, and has the highest moral values. I do not want to party with him! I want him to run the nation competently.

Bottom line: It is about capability -- not likeability.

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