Walla Walla County: Blackman

October 30, 2012 


Vote for the person, not the party.

I have never really considered myself Democrat or Republican. Instead, I vote for the person because belief systems don't always fit nicely into one party or another.

I have voted for just as many Democrats as Republicans. When it comes to local races, I pay even more attention to the person because I believe they have a greater impact on Walla Walla, the place I've called home most of my life.

This November, I urge you to vote for Chris Blackman because she's a candidate who has a reputation for working hard, listening to others about what needs to be fixed -- and then going after it.

Just look at where her yard signs are. You will see just as many Chris Blackman signs in yards next to Inslee and McKenna. Just as many next to McMorris and Cowan. This is because people who know Chris, have worked with Chris, have served on committees with Chris, trust that she's different.

She's not running so she can earn a second income. She's running for county commissioner because she believes she can make a difference. And she will.

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