Reject R-74

October 30, 2012 

JOHN J. SISK, Richland

Through the ages, marriage and the capability for procreation have been intrinsically linked. With R-74, voters in Washington state are asked if that link should be severed. The small minority that argues that they would benefit from the severing of this link has invented a new civil right; however, marriage is not a civil right. The denial of a marriage license to a same-sex couple is no more discrimination than is the denial of a driver's license to a blind person.

The reason given for redefinition is that same-sex couples need a marriage license to demonstrate their commitment to their families and friends. Good concept but wrong method. Many drawn into supporting the redefinition argument are motivated in part by fear of being labeled bigots if they were to disagree.

This is a label promoted by the beneficiaries of redefinition; however, there are legitimate arguments against the redefinition of marriage that have no connection to bigotry. This issue should be considered carefully before deciding to abandon the wisdom of the ages and redefine marriage in a way that is contrary to human nature and would astound and embarrass our ancestors.

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