Don't blame Obama

October 30, 2012 


While I realize there may be too many letters to print, I have a strong feeling that letters in favor of Romney get priority. Most of these letters blame President Obama for the status of our economy and seldom do I read one putting the blame where it belongs -- banks, mortgage companies, etc., etc., and, yes, people themselves. The country was in sad shape when Obama took over and this Congress has deliberately stonewalled any progress he attempts. It seems to be a well-planned and deliberate attempt to make him fail.

I feel kind of sorry for George Bush having Dick Cheney running things behind the scenes. It was his idea to start the war in the Middle East thinking he could take over the oil there while he and his Texas buddies got rich and all the while the country lost 2,000 young men!

By the way, I just got treated for a hang-nail -- was that Obama's fault too?

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