Benton County: Delvin

October 30, 2012 

MIKE LAWRENCE, West Richland

I support Jerome Delvin for Benton County commissioner. Jerome has a long and admirable record of public service to our nation, state and community. In particular, his many years in both the state Legislature and Senate are invaluable in ensuring that Benton County is knowledgeable of and takes full advantage of state legislation and programs.

He also has clearly demonstrated his personal ability to work with others to provide bipartisan and effective governance and programs with the good of his constituents as the primary goal. While Jerome's opponent also has a record of public service and is a good candidate, I believe Jerome is the clear choice based on experience and effectiveness.

Let's send Jerome to Prosser, and not Olympia, for the good of our county.

Beware of Republicans

Vote Republican if:

1) You are rich

2) You hate Social Security, Medicare and old people

3) You want another war

4) You trust banks, insurance companies and Wall Street and you think they are over regulated

5) You believe disclosure legislation is a waste of time

6) You could care less about environmental quality

7) You believe in "clean coal" as an energy alternative

8) You believe the days of $1/gallon gas will return

9) You believe in the tooth fairy and Romney's political promises

Yes, I used to be a Republican up to the days of Bush Jr. and tricky Dick Cheney and I don't want to return to those days.


West Richland

President: Romney

President Obama is great at partying -- the best. His golf is improving daily. He makes his own beer and according to polls, is someone you would like to sit down with for a beer and some laughs. Just a fun guy to be around. His likeability rating is reportedly much higher than Romney's.

I don't think it is likeable to tell his opposition to sit in the back seat while he ramrods his agenda through Congress. Or to say the Republicans' plan is for dirty air and water. Or to call half the nation "flat earthers" and people who cling to their guns and their religion.

Romney does not go on Leno, Letterman, or Pimp-with-a-Limp, or party with Beyonce, Jay-Z, or every-team-in-every-sport that ever gets to a playoff. He does not dance with Degeneres or sing like Al Green. Heck! He doesn't even drink beer!

Mitt Romney is just very capable at handling business problems, knows what we need to become energy independent, knows how to create jobs, loves America, and has the highest moral values. I do not want to party with him! I want him to run the nation competently.

Bottom line: It is about capability -- not likeability.



Walla Walla County: Blackman

Vote for the person, not the party.

I have never really considered myself Democrat or Republican. Instead, I vote for the person because belief systems don't always fit nicely into one party or another.

I have voted for just as many Democrats as Republicans. When it comes to local races, I pay even more attention to the person because I believe they have a greater impact on Walla Walla, the place I've called home most of my life.

This November, I urge you to vote for Chris Blackman because she's a candidate who has a reputation for working hard, listening to others about what needs to be fixed -- and then going after it.

Just look at where her yard signs are. You will see just as many Chris Blackman signs in yards next to Inslee and McKenna. Just as many next to McMorris and Cowan. This is because people who know Chris, have worked with Chris, have served on committees with Chris, trust that she's different.

She's not running so she can earn a second income. She's running for county commissioner because she believes she can make a difference. And she will.


Walla Walla

Reject R-74

Through the ages, marriage and the capability for procreation have been intrinsically linked. With R-74, voters in Washington state are asked if that link should be severed. The small minority that argues that they would benefit from the severing of this link has invented a new civil right; however, marriage is not a civil right. The denial of a marriage license to a same-sex couple is no more discrimination than is the denial of a driver's license to a blind person.

The reason given for redefinition is that same-sex couples need a marriage license to demonstrate their commitment to their families and friends. Good concept but wrong method. Many drawn into supporting the redefinition argument are motivated in part by fear of being labeled bigots if they were to disagree.

This is a label promoted by the beneficiaries of redefinition; however, there are legitimate arguments against the redefinition of marriage that have no connection to bigotry. This issue should be considered carefully before deciding to abandon the wisdom of the ages and redefine marriage in a way that is contrary to human nature and would astound and embarrass our ancestors.



Benton County: Jansons

I've been impressed by the leadership Rick Jansons demonstrates in his position on the Richland School District board of directors. He is respectful and really listens to public input before acting on any issue. As president of the board he has navigated the district through some difficult issues as well as impressive accomplishments. He is a thoughtful representative for the citizens and schools.

Now as a community, we have the opportunity to elect Rick for Benton County commissioner.

I learned about his ideas and goals for Benton County at his website, Rick would enter the position with goals for controlling gang activity and establishing a crisis response center. I believe that these issues will keep Benton County a safe and family friendly place to live. I have no doubt that he will work hard to manage the county government. Rick Jansons is a true public servant, dedicated to keeping our county safe and progressive.

Rick has demonstrated his commitment to our community and quality of life here in Benton County as a Rotary member, president of the Richland School Board and Navy veteran. Please join me in voting for Rick Jansons for Benton County commissioner.


West Richland

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