Secretary of state: Kim Wyman

October 29, 2012 


Vote for Kim Wyman for secretary of state. We hear much in the news about voter registration and election issues in other states. In these times, when election processes and voting rights are under a spotlight, it is important that we have a proven leader in the Secretary of State's Office. That leader is Kim Wyman.

She understands elections and the intricacies of the voting process. More importantly, Wyman understands that the position is not about partisanship but about protecting every person's vote equally.

Wyman has been an award-winning county auditor in Thurston County since 2001 and election manager for eight years prior. She is committed to constant innovation, and her thoughtful application of technology has resulted in a balanced approach to security, integrity and access not only in elections, but also to the other areas of responsibility in the auditor's office.

One of the other duties of the secretary of state is to oversee the state archives division. She is well-versed in this area, as well, having been responsible for public records and historical document preservation in Thurston County. Wyman will be ready to lead on day one! Join me in supporting Kim Wyman for secretary of state.

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